A window on the work of the best year 6 class ever

I have a dream

It’s 50 years since Martin Luther King gave his famous speech. We began year 6 by looking at dreams. We thought about dreams that you have at night and also dreams for things that you want to achieve. Here are some of the short poems that we wrote.

I have a Dream by Annabelle
I have a dream
Of a universe
where animal cruelty is concealed in a cage
and never released

I have a dream
Of a day when all dreaded diseases die
and there will be no more suffering or misery

I have a dream
Of when promises are made
They are never ever broken
and last forever.

I have a Dream by Francesca
I have a dream
Of titanic trees towering over the ground
With a huge village in the canopy’s top
Leaving sin in the shadows of the branches

I have a dream
Of soaring through clouds
Dancing with butterflies as dawn is moving in
I taught everyone to reach for the skies

I have a dream
Of skating to the stars
Rolling out of sight
Spinning and turning until night
Performing to the galaxies
As they applaud my show

I have a Dream by Ethan
I have a dream
Of flying off an extraordinary rollercoaster
And seeing the openness
of the wonderful world

I have a dream
Of meeting the amazing Messi
The one and only legendary footballer
And playing a fabulous game with him

I have a Dream by Kayla
I have a dream
Of being the best doctor in Leicester
And running my own lifesaving hospital
Curing ill and near death people everyday

I have a dream
Of being an amazing world renowned author
Writing thick best selling 500 page books
and earning millions worldwide
For everyone to read and share

I have a Dream by Lachlan
I have a dream
Of successfully destroying the world’s most feared
common illnesses, diseases and infections
Like terrifying cancer, feared malaria and deadly venoms

I have a dream
Of conquering horrible racism
So people of every race can live happily
and in peace together

I have a Dream by Amber
I have a dream
Of flying in the magic blue box
Of new planets and stars
Of the tardis
And of my imaginary friend

I have a dream
Of a grizzly bear
with a glowing red ruby eye
Dark, gloomy woods
And a wolf’s cry

I have a dream
Of creating a rainbow coloured planet
With eight different zones
Full of fun
And it all starts with imagination


Comments on: "I have a dream" (2)

  1. Jonas Saelo said:

    Dear 6jdevoil
    I liked the way you made the objects in a classroom sound like humans.
    The best bit of personification is the part where it says ‘the board laughed as it was being tickled by a pen’.
    It makes the maths lesson sound joyful and full of happy things.
    It could have been better if there was no repetition at the top line where it says happily twice.
    I suggest it could have been merrily instead of happily again. I think the books don’t skip the could flick open instead.

  2. I really liked reading your ‘I have a Dream’ poems because of the alliteration. They really stood out! The poems made me picture a TARDIS and trees in my head.

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